Well I am 22 days into my photo-a-day for a year project.  This year is a leap year, so we have 366 days.  Here are a couple of my favorite images thus far.  Stay tuned for more.


This is a gallery of images that I’ve taken over the past year; images that I think are my strongest.  Maybe you’ve seen some of these, maybe you haven’t.  I thought it might be interesting for you to see which photos I like the best.  This will be something I do toward the end of every year.  Enjoy!

I wanted to get my creative juices flowing, so I took some new studio shots.  It isn’t easy to be creative with studio photos, but when you get a good pose, they can look so amazing.  As you can see they are very high contrast.  It makes them look striking in my opinion.

I love cars.  I love shooting cars.  I really love shooting cars in Black and White.  Don’t get me wrong I love color, but sometimes photos just look better without any.  Here are super super contrasty images of some MKV VW’s.

The second(bottom) shot was done using a rig which attaches to the hood via suction cups.  a 10-15′ metal pole is attached and the camera is placed on the end, pointing toward the car.  Then in photoshop, the rig is edited out.  This way you can get the feeling of movement.  In reality, we were only pushing the car 1-2 mph.  🙂  As always, enjoy, and thanks for looking.

This is probably about as close to Africa as I’ll ever get.  To think you can see all of these exotic animals on a farm in Central PA is pretty awesome.  When my girlfriend said we are going to Lake Tobias, I didn’t know what to expect.  I thought it was just a lake where we could hang out and chill. It’s really worth going to see.  You take a bus through the farm and all the animals come right up to you.  For this set, I wanted to take what are essentially “portraits” of the animals; not just snapshots.  Enjoy the photos.

I love taking photos of my family.  More than anything else.  Capturing their beauty gives me a great feeling.  They are always kind enough to let me practice on them whenever I ask.  A big reason I got better at shooting people is because of them.  ❤

I took the car across the street to a parking lot that overlooks York during a storm.  Sat the tripod up on the passenger seat, and aimed the camera out the window.  Boom.  Lightning was coming down all around me.  There was little to no rain which was great.  I was in the right place at the right time.

I love lightning.  It is the most exciting thing to shoot.  Especially when you are on high ground with the window down and flashes happening every 2 seconds around you.  I actually missed the biggest bolt because I was using a 2 second timer.  The bolt flashed during those 2 seconds that the camera was counting down before the shutter opened.  Ughhh.

Here are 3 that I did manage to get.  Thanks for looking.

This one is only one exposure.  There were 6 bolts that came down during that shot.  I thought it looked cool because because some were close, and some were faint off in the distance.

This shot I love because you get a sense of just how powerful lightning is.  At any time it could just reach out and destroy anything in its path.  It looks like an arm reaching down from the sky.    Beautiful.  I like the cool feel to this one.  B&W with blue shadows.  Sideways lightning is awesome.  I was soo happy after I got these shots because I’ve been wanting more lightning in my portfolio.  Enjoy!

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