This is me.  Photography is just one of the many things I do.

I do it because I love to.  Capturing life as it happens.  My computer has more memory than my brain…  I document everything I can so that in 20 years I can see what I was doing at any given time.

I do it because I love to see the look on others faces when they see my work.  There is no better feeling than that.  It puts me in such a good mood and pushes me even more.  When people tell me they cried when they received their prints, I take it as the ultimate compliment.

I do it to pay the bills.  Photography literally helps me survive.  In these days where job security doesn’t exist, I use my talent not just as a safety net, but as a means to move forward and better my life.

I eat good food, I drink good drink.  I cook as much as I possibly can.  It’s my passion.  Combining Food/Drink/and Photography is something I am pursuing.  I promise you will see food images on here.

I am confident in everything I do.  Whether its nailing a fast paced wedding candid, or organizing a family portrait, I put everything I know into making it great.

I am constantly thinking of new ways to create.  Whether it be new and exciting images, business ventures, even different ways that I can make someone laugh..  I am never content with the status quo, or following what’s popular.  I am all about uniqueness.  I created this site for people who do, and don’t yet know me, so that you can get some insight as to what makes me tick.

-Ryan Chronister

  1. Welcome to the blo-o-sphere my friend! Best of luck to you and if you need anything I’m a shout away. I added a link to your blog on static instants to help you sir!

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