This is probably about as close to Africa as I’ll ever get.  To think you can see all of these exotic animals on a farm in Central PA is pretty awesome.  When my girlfriend said we are going to Lake Tobias, I didn’t know what to expect.  I thought it was just a lake where we could hang out and chill. It’s really worth going to see.  You take a bus through the farm and all the animals come right up to you.  For this set, I wanted to take what are essentially “portraits” of the animals; not just snapshots.  Enjoy the photos.

I’ve been loving the feel of Black and White images lately.  They can be so powerful.  They tend to evoke emotion that you just can’t see in color.   Mysterious, dark, intriguing.  These are words that I think of when I see B&W.

This image is a Silhouette.  Backlit by the bright sun bouncing off the ground, the puppy has a glowing highlight around her body.  I’ll be hanging this one in my home as soon as I can get it printed.

Her name is Porscha.  Named after the German automaker, she is a German dog, owned by a German girl, my sister, Gretchen.

I think the best way to capture a Weimaraner is in B&W.  They are so melancholy.

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