I love cars.  I love shooting cars.  I really love shooting cars in Black and White.  Don’t get me wrong I love color, but sometimes photos just look better without any.  Here are super super contrasty images of some MKV VW’s.

The second(bottom) shot was done using a rig which attaches to the hood via suction cups.  a 10-15′ metal pole is attached and the camera is placed on the end, pointing toward the car.  Then in photoshop, the rig is edited out.  This way you can get the feeling of movement.  In reality, we were only pushing the car 1-2 mph.  🙂  As always, enjoy, and thanks for looking.

My first post of many.  I am excited to show you all what I do.  Hopefully some of you will be intrigued. Hopefully some of you will share some insight on what you think of me and my work.  Good and bad. All criticism will be taken as constructive.  Thanks everyone.

This photo was taken a few months ago.  I upped my game a little for this shot.  My favorite automotive image to date.  I love the dark and dreary, yet powerful feel to it.  Enjoy.

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