This is one of my favorite people photos that I’ve taken.  A lot of work went into this photo, from shooting, to editing.  It has pink highlights, among other tones that give it a unique look.  I try to have my own editing style, yet I like to try as many new styles as I can.  Never use presets or filters.  If I did that, I would have to say I took the photo, but someone else edited it.

It’s the desaturation, contrast and 98173091740 other creative tidbits that can make you stand out from other photographers.  I would sooner turn away business, than change they way I create.  I like to have an edgy style.  It’s 2011.  Not 1980.  I tend to put in way too much time into editing a picture.  Not over-editing, just making sure it is as perfect as I can get it.

I don’t want you to come to me because I have a camera.  I want you to come to me because you want my creativity…

I’ve been loving the feel of Black and White images lately.  They can be so powerful.  They tend to evoke emotion that you just can’t see in color.   Mysterious, dark, intriguing.  These are words that I think of when I see B&W.

This image is a Silhouette.  Backlit by the bright sun bouncing off the ground, the puppy has a glowing highlight around her body.  I’ll be hanging this one in my home as soon as I can get it printed.

Her name is Porscha.  Named after the German automaker, she is a German dog, owned by a German girl, my sister, Gretchen.

I think the best way to capture a Weimaraner is in B&W.  They are so melancholy.

My first post of many.  I am excited to show you all what I do.  Hopefully some of you will be intrigued. Hopefully some of you will share some insight on what you think of me and my work.  Good and bad. All criticism will be taken as constructive.  Thanks everyone.

This photo was taken a few months ago.  I upped my game a little for this shot.  My favorite automotive image to date.  I love the dark and dreary, yet powerful feel to it.  Enjoy.

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